Navysteel Rust Converter / Primer


Navy Steel is a water borne, eco-friendly, dual acting rust treatment which stabilises adherent rust and primes rusted iron and steel structures in one safe and simple operation without the need for blast cleaning or other expensive surface preparation.

Example of Navy Steel Rust Converter showing the colour change of the rust to navy blue. Please click on image for detail.

Navy Steel is so called because when it is applied to rusted steel a chemical change occurs in the adherent treated rust turning it a blue black colour as shown in the photograph above (please click on the image above to see more detail), and providing a primer film ready for undercoating and topcoating.


Navy Steel Rust Convertor has many uses, including marine offshore and onshore applications

Navy Steel applications include:


Test of Navy Steel Rust Converter against competitor products. Please click on image for detail.

Field testing on a floating dock in Bangkok against three well known competitor products showed that only Navy Steel passed the test of repeated immersion in salt water. Area 1 shows Navy Steel applied in one coat and two coats unaffected by immersion while areas 2, 3 (off the edge of the picture) and 4 all showed failure. Please click on the image on the right to see more detail.


How to use: Navy Steel is safe to store and transport. easy to apply, and is tolerant of damp humid conditions so long as drying conditions exist. Remove loose flaky rust to expose some underlying bare metal. Apply one or two coats by spray, stiff brush or roller. Overcoat with any conventional paint system. Depending on conditions, a single coat lasts from 6 months to 2 years; a double coating will last for up to 5 years.



Navy Steel physical Properties are:

More detailed technical data, safety data and frequently asked questions are available.


Navy Steel is made by Enviroguard, who specialise in producing safe, effective products for protecting surfaces. Please see our product page for further information.



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